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About Us


Welcome to the e-polyglots Language School created for busy people.


The idea for this school was born out of our passion for languages and for sharing this passion with those who can’t follow it easily. We have been specialising in teaching rare languages for over three years.


Our goal is to provide professional services at reasonable prices, with flexible working hours. Our priority is your full satisfaction, so we treat each student individually and we make very detailed arrangements in each case. It is important to us to make sure that the courses we offer are optimal for each participant, and that we achieve noticeable and tangible progress. We make sure we provide top quality services.


Our school cooperates with partners all over the world. Our team of language teachers includes people who are passionate about foreign languages, experienced linguists, academic teachers and at the same time polyglots and aficionados of the language and culture of each country.



One of our passions is Greek culture, and we invite you to visit:


We also love other languages, and we invite you to visit our other language “freak” pages, where hopefully everyone may find something for themselves.


You can also find us on Twitter and Youtube:

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