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We teach using the eclectic method based on the communicative approach. Our aim is to develop all language skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening) with particular emphasis on fluent amd effective communication in private and professional life. We supplement the communicative approach with elements of other proven methods, such as the audio-visual approach, task-based learning and the lexical approach according to the individual student’s learning style and strategy.   Online learning – the only things you need are access to the Internet and a comfortable seat in your favourite place. It is an excellent solution for those who do not enjoy learning in a classroom or being one of a dozen students, but prefer to be the  the one and only student. Our school meets all these expectations.   The technology offered by Skype and another app (free of charge for our students) ensures top video connection and voice quality, which is very important for the quality of teaching. It is the most effective method of online learning, comparable in effectiveness to live classes. This way of learning offers unlimited comfort, convenient working hours and high effectiveness. Learning via Skype is excellent for busy business people, homemakers with young children and persons residing far away from larger cities.   Traditional methods   We also offer stationary group and individual  live courses. If you prefer to learn live in the company of your friends or you want to meet new people, we invite you to participate in our stationary courses with live transmission. Currently, our teachers are available in Warsaw, Łódź, Cracow, Wrocław, Toruń, Katowice and its area, Poznań, Gdańsk as well as the Netherlands, Greece and Germany. Other cities available on request.   Please fell free to contact us!