Our team of teachers is composed of people passionate about foreign languages, experienced linguists, academic teachers and at the same time polyglots and aficionados of the language and culture of each country. Some of them are presented below. Enjoy reading!



Kira – passionate about Greece since childhood, her interests include Greek folklore, culture, dancing and especially cuisine. Collector of Polish words of Greek origin. Graduate of the Modern Greek Philology and Mediterranean Civilisation, student of Social Policy at the Warsaw University. Her studies included a scholarship at the University of Crete. Teacher of Modern Greek since 2013. She offers both individual and group courses. She has a positive attitude to life and her classes are never boring – she always has an interesting story or anecdote to tell, which enriches her classes. 🙂


Danai –  she is a Pole of Greek origin. She is physically in Poland, but her heart and soul is in Greece. All things Greek flow in her veins and temperament, decisiveness and joy of life are her mottoes


Danai has an artistic soul, she is here, there and everywhere. If you hear about an interesting event, she’ll probably be there. Philologist with a diploma of the Jagiellonian University, The University of Patras, Silesian University, School of linguistics in Warsaw – graduate of Classical Philology, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies and a course for Court Translators. Teacher of Greek and English (including preparation for FCE, CPE, matura and university-level exams) at all levels of proficiency. She is well versed in Latin and Ancient Greek. What is more- she is a great teacher! She is also the co-creator of Hardokon – the Polish nationwide LARP (Live-Action-Role-Playing) convention.


Kasia – expert in language courses for foreigners planning to study in Germany and the Netherlands. Her courses include those dedicated to preparation for general and business language certificates in German and Dutch up to level C2.


Kasia is an active user of both these languages. She has lived abroad for 13 years and is a graduate of philological studies in Germany and the Netherlands. She is experienced in teaching secondary and high school students. She offers preparation for secondary school and matura exams in German.


Alicja – graduated from a bilingual high school with French as the language of instruction. Romance studies graduate, PhD student of Modern Greek Philology at the Warsaw University, passionate about foreign languages and travelling, author of the newly- published family guidebook “Z dziećmi w Atenach. Subiektywny przewodnik rodzinny.”


“My experience in international volunteering projects convinced me that a foreign language, especially English, is not a school subject but a tool allowing you to communicate with almost anyone on earth. I would like my students to also understand this.”


Agnieszka –  teacher of Brazilian Portugese. Gradute of the Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos and the Warsaw University. She teaches general Poltugese as well as specialist and technical language courses. Her qualifications include a PhD in renwable energy sources in Brazil. Agnieszka also offers preparation for the state examination in Brazilian Portugese CELPE-bras


Ania – graduate of French Philology and Polish Speech Therapy at the University of Wrocław.


Ania has 6 years of experience in teaching. She currently resides in London and teaches classes via Skype, accompanied by a cup of tea with milk. Creative, positive and ambitious, she expects the same of her students. She cares about: learning in a pleasant atmosphere through varied exercises and allowing students to find out about real life in Poland and in France. Her motto is hard work which combines good results with pleasure.


“If you want to learn varied vocabulary and the secrets of complicated grammar, as well as the rich cultures of Poland and France, come to my classes!”


Marta – graduate of German and English Philology. She has many years of experience in teaching both children and adults and teaches students at all levels: for elderly person’s caregivers, for persons preparing to leave for German- and English-speaking countries as well as emigrants willing to improve their knowledge of the local language, for job seekers with particular emphasis on preparing for a job interview, Business English and Wirtschaftsdeutsch at all levels of proficiency. She also offers exam preparation.


Marta is interested in modern technologies, teaching didactics, implementing creativity-enhancing strategies and pedagogy as well as various forms of therapy and support for persons with disabilities and special education needs. She has finished courses in pedagogy, didactics and psychology. Marta is open to people and full of empathy, involvement, patience and serenity.

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