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Articles – How do English words taste like?

The best way to learn English is to practise it everyday. You may do it in various ways but learning words is essential if you want to communicate. How do you feel when you find something funny and cheerful, ‘excited’ – I guess. When I came across the phrase sunny side up eggs (jajka sadzone)– 

I thought how beautiful and optimistic it sounds. These are ordinary eggs you make on a frying pan for 2 or 3 minutes. To enjoy and taste this phrase you can look online for a recipe for this dish. You easily find this recipe on YouTube, for example: . This way you can learn how to make perfect sunny side up eggs, listen to the English pronunciation and repeat some other ingredients.

Then you can think what you can do with sunny side up eggs – look for some verbs:

to make, prepare, eat , taste or draw sunny side up eggs. But this is not the end you can also make a story with sunny side up eggs and share it with someone. The title of your story might be Sunny side up egg on a frying pan.You can tell it later to your friend. To memorise this phrase you can also make an imaginary dialogue with someone and tell him/her how to best prepare sunny side up eggs.

Think what else might be sunny in English language. Look for more nouns connected with the sun, for example – sun oil, sunflower, sun porch, sun ray lamp, sunray treatment, sunrise, sunrise industry, sun bonnet, sundial, sundae – impressive! To have more sunny days and sunbeams in your daily life you can start to practise sun connected activities, like this bright and sunny learning or learn sun dance, eat more sunny dishes: sunny side up eggs, sundae( deser lodowy) and be glad that ordinary things can make your day good and so bright.

If you are not in the mood for conscious learning of new words even those which you see on your way home on a screen on the bus or on the subway you may instead watch your favourite film in English. There are so many ‘sunny side up’ films worth seeing. Have you ever seen Before Sunrise or Before Sunset or the latest part Before Midnight with the movie stars July Delpy and Ethan Hawke?

It is really worth seeing. Here is a link to the Before Sunrise trailer:

However, the best way to learn English is to look for opportunities and of course rise to the occasion. Look around you perhaps on the bus or a tram there is a stranger standing next to you who waits for some advice or help. This way you stand a chance for real English chat so be prepared to speak.

Taste new words and play with them in various ways. Speak out new word loud or paint it how you see it. Check how it is pronounced in the online dictionary. Try to memorise it, share this new phrase or word with your friend.

How about making your notes on words you spotted as interesting ones for example sunny side up eggs. Perhaps you will make some day your shopping list in English.

Always look on the bright side of life’, see more sunny side of ?things. Enjoy your sun learning ?

Irena Markuszewska