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ONLINE Learning via Skype is speedily becoming one of the most popular methods of learning a foreign language – modern, effective and very comfortable. Thanks to it you can study in any place with  access to the Internet – at home, at work, abroad, on holidays. You don’t have to worry about commuting, being late due to circumstances (like traffic jams). You can study at home, in you safe haven where you can easily focus without participating in groups where you are often held back by lack of self-confidence at your language level.   We offer individual online courses in over 30 languages. These courses are aimed at busy business people and entrepreneurs, mums caring for children at home and all those who do not have a stable schedule and cannot participate in regular courses. Thanks to us you do waste no money on commuting. We are flexible and we can adjust to any, even most volatile, schedule. The student contacts the teacher directly and together they arrange a covenient time for lessons. One2one   Our offer includes traditional indiviadual classes which allow for direct contact with the teacher. The date, hour and location of the lesson depends on the Client – we send our teachers wherever you need them. Idividual courses are completely focused on the student, therefore the choice of teaching materials, textbooks and topics to focus on is made by the Client