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Arithmi – Numbers in Greek

Do you remember how to count to 100 in Greek? If not, then here’s how to do it! If yes, that’s a nice repetition of the basics!   1 ένα (éna) 2 δύο (thío) 3 τρία (tría) 4 τέσσερα (tésera) 5 πέντε (péde) 6 έξι (éxi) 7 εφτά or επτά (eftá or eptá) 8 οχτώ… Read More »Arithmi – Numbers in Greek

New Year’s Day Greek cake

A typical custom to warmly welcome the New Year is the Greek vasilopita, βασιλόπιτα, a brioche bread or cake with a hidden coin inside. Whoever has this coin in his piece will have good luck for the New Year!   People make this type of cake by themselves or buy it a few days before… Read More »New Year’s Day Greek cake