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Price list

Individual courses - we establish prices individually, by trying to choose the right teacher for the needs of each Customer. Tell us what you need and we will decide the price together: Contact us
The first meeting (up to 30 minutes) is free

Group courses 

The cost of group courses depends on the number of students in the group.

News concerning Greek language groups are published on the Facebook event and on Twitter, which you can also see on the Home Page.

The Greek language groups in Warsaw pay for each month in advance. Thanks to this, you can join an existing group at any time and, if the need arises, you can stop studying by informing us of your intentions one month in advance. If the number of students in a group drops below profitability level, the participants are given several choices: increasing the price per person, moving to a different group, temporary break from learning etc. Each group is created without external time limits, it exists as long as the students want it to and holiday breaks are established in advance together with the teacher. This allows us to schedule the number and dates of classes in each month.

You can contact us at any time and ask us to start a new group at a specific level or join an existing group. The groups are created according to the schedule of classes selected by the students.

These possibilities do not exist in other cities yet, so the courses are paid for in 1 or 2 installments for the whole course. At the moment, Greek courses are taking place in Wrocław, a group is starting in Łódź and we are getting ready to conquer Poznań. 🙂


Please feel free to contact us.