Adverbs of Place in Greek

We have already talked about some adverbs with slightly different ending but the same stem. Let us see now the most popular ones, the adverbs of place which mainly tell us where something is! They answer to the question “where?”, or «πού?» (pu) in Greek:… Read More »Adverbs of Place in Greek

Adverbs in Greek

Happy New Year – Καλή Χρονιά (kalí chroniá)! Let’s welcome 2022 with some grammar! Adverbs are words that accompany verbs and can indicate the place, the time, the manner, the quantity etc.  

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New Year’s Day Greek cake

A typical custom to warmly welcome the New Year is the Greek vasilopita, βασιλόπιτα, a brioche bread or cake with a hidden coin inside. Whoever has this coin in his piece will have good luck for the New Year!   People make this type of cake by themselves or buy it a few days before… Read More »New Year’s Day Greek cake